The unique edgeless shape and exclusive material available only with Mahogany Beauty ensures impeccable, streak-free application with minimum product waste. Use with foundations, powders and any other complexion product. Unique material is aqua-activated. When wet, it expands to about twice its size and becomes super soft to create an even, smooth blend & bounce, returning to its original size when it air dries. 

Mahogany Beauty Blender Sponge

  • Glow Tip: It's easy to use: simply wet, squeeze, bounce your way to makeup perfection! Wet  with water and squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available. Bounce foundation, powder or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results. Cleanse after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender's exclusive material.  Mahogany Beautyrecommends replacing your sponge every 3 months.

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